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Cancer is… Attacking Africa (Updated 22-min version)

Show it in your school, university, NGO, UN organization… Let us know how it went!

Cancer is… Attacking Africa is the fifth full length documentary film on cancer co-produced by Cemil Alyanak and Peter Boyle. The film takes us through Africa’s troubled cancer panorama revealing problems that, if not addressed immediately, will result in senseless suffering and death. As the film reveals, the problems are unfortunately grave. Half of the continent has no radiotherapy machines. Another half do not have access to opioid drugs meaning that patients in those countries are dying in agony.

Our hope is that, once again, all will not allow another African Public Health emergency to slip us by.

Below is the 22 minute version of the film. There is also a 59-minute version available.

iPRI Stands Against Cancer in Africa

The International Prevention Research Institute stands with all those concerned with African Public Health. In the past decade, Global Public Health seems to have lowered the intensity of prior decades and yet, as was the case with the rise of HIV, Africa continues to have new health challenges. One particular challenge is URGENT. Indeed, the rise of… Continue Reading

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