Health Promotion Foundation Poland sign MOU

This 5 December 2016, in Nadarzyn, Poland, two European-based organizations with a long-standing commitment to Prevention both in Europe and worldwide, have come together to further enhance each other’s capacity.

The International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI), represented by its President Professor Peter Boyle, and the Fundacja Promocja Zdrowia (Health Promotion Foundation – HPF) of Poland, represented by its President Professor Witold A. Zatonski have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on a range of concrete actions.

Professor Witold Zatonski, President of HPF Poland, signing MOU with Professor Peter Boyle, President of iPRI
Professor Witold Zatonski, President of HPF Poland, signing MOU with Professor Peter Boyle, President of iPRI

Activities outlined in the MOU include training opportunities for Polish professionals in Prevention Research and Policy, the open exchange of advanced information and knowledge in disease prevention, provision of teaching materials to Polish professionals, the organisation of joint scientific events and others including joint fundraising efforts to further the aspirations of the joint effort.

“After years of working alongside the world renowned anti-tobacco advocate Professor Zatonski, this MOU represents an opportunity to escalate our efforts in a more formal setting; I believe that our partnership will lead to quantifiable improvements in Prevention Research and Policy,” says Professor Boyle. He adds, “It is also an honour to be working with an organization whose Honorary President is his Eminence Kazimierz Cardinal Nycz.” Professor Zatonski concurs adding, “I believe that the Health Promotion Foundation of Poland, will benefit greatly from iPRI’s incomparable experience and impact in Global Public Health and Prevention in particular.”

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