David Zaridze presented WPA/iPRI Award

On the occasion of the 11th Annual Meeting of Cancer Institute Directors (NCID2016), Professor David Zaridze was presented with the World Prevention Alliance / International Prevention Research Institute award in recognition of his contribution to Cancer Control.

Peter Boyle presenting WPA/iPRI Award to David Zaridze during NCID 2016
Peter Boyle presenting WPA/iPRI Award to David Zaridze during NCID 2016

Professor Zaridze was initially a pathologist but re-focussed on Epidemiology during a year spent working with Sir Richard Doll in Oxford, United Kingdom. After a spell at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (1979-1985) he returned to Moscow and in 1987 became Director of the Institute of Carcinogenesis at the N. N. Blokhin Cancer Research Centre. He is currently Deputy Director of the Russian Cancer Research Centre. Professor Zaridze has made a significant contribution to epidemiological research of non-communicable diseases and premature death. He has led a major effort in canсer epidemiology in Russia with his efforts in tobacco and alcohol of particular importance. He has clearly shown the impact of smoking and excessive alcohol drinking on life expectancy and several key diseases including cancer. This represents a major contribution to understanding of non-communicable disease in general and to Cancer Control.

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