The International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI) is an independent research institute with demonstrated world-class excellence and leadership. iPRI has unparalleled experience in epidemiological research and macro health planning with a record of delivering real health and economic value to a range of public and private sources including governments, universities, research institutes, non-governmental organisations and large multi-national concerns.

Our combined years of experience, operating at the highest level, have provided iPRI with unique global support composed of senior academic figures and government officials. This network provides iPRI with immediate access to worldwide expertise.

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iPRI believes that studies are founded on exceptional competence and devotion to results. To this end, iPRI is continually growing its base of uniquely competent and recognized professionals.


iPRI represents a new concept in biomedical research combining a thorough, high-level, academic approach coupled with a practical focus on providing information about clinical, epidemiological and prevention strategies.


iPRI is busy and getting busier as our work takes us farther afield. Find out what iPRI is doing across all continents.


Peer-reviewed articles are a clear indication of an institute's regard for science. iPRI faculty are proud to have increasingly high H-indices.


In coming years, iPRI will continue to publish its own works. To date, books such as the Epidemiology and Statistics textbook and World Breast Cancer Report demonstrate this commitment.


iPRI is continually looking to recruit exceptional experts, staff and interns. We invite you to consult our opportunities section.

Special Statement

iPRI 2015 World Cancer Day Statement

Quinquennial Report

iPRI is pleased to present its 2009 - 2014 Quinquennial Report in PDF format for download.

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